Loa Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35
Loa Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35
Loa Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35

Loa Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35

Thương hiệu Harman/Kardon
Mã SP Loa Harman Kardon Sabre SB 35

Chính sách bán hàng

HDMI connectivity combined with Bluetooth® wireless connectivity.

Harman Kardon understands the importance of cross-platform connectivity: it’s one of the hallmarks of the perfect home theater system. That’s why the Harman Kardon Sabre is designed for simplicity with an easy one-cable HDMI connection and compatibility with the best in both iOS and Android devices wireless through Bluetooth® techngyolo.

On-screen display for easy set-up and configuration.

Connect the HDMI cable to the television and set up the Sabre from the comfort of your sofa. Sabre’s On-Screen Display protocol makes set-up simple and it’s easy-to-follow. No more searching for hidden buttons – just grab the remote and make yourself comfortable.

Powered, 100W, wireless, subwoofer for deep, profound bass response.

To maximize your home theater results, you need to rely on the earth-moving punch of a powered subwoofer to complement the clarity of high and mid-range sound for the complete experience. Compact and wireless.

Complete surround sound solution soundbar with 8 independent channels of performance-tuned 1.75" drivers and 1" tweeters for absolute clarity and richness.

For all its physical unobtrusiveness, the Harman Kardon Sabre meets – and surpasses – your highest expectations for audio clarity, depth, and calibration. See what Harman Kardon custom speakers can do for your favorite movies and music.

Advanced Surround technology from Harman Wave Surround.

Immerse yourself into one of two possible, built-in Harman surround sound options. Whether you’re more in the mood for Harman Virtual Sound or for Wave Sound is your decision: either way, you’ll be hearing at the highest-ranked levels of 5.1, natural sound processing.

Ultra-thin, 32mm, aluminum soundbar for unobtrusive viewing and listening pleasure.

There’s a reason we call it the Sabre: its cutting-edge technology is designed into an ultra-thin aluminum frame that fits comfortably above or below your flat-screen television: the perfect pairing of sound to vision.

Thông số kĩ thuật

General Specifications

Frequency Response43Hz – 22 KHz

Audio Specifications

Speaker Power Consumption4 x 20W + 4 x 15W


Speaker Depth (mm)32
Speaker Height (mm)110
Speaker Width (mm)1150
Speaker Weight (kg)2.6
Subwoofer Depth (mm)86
Subwoofer Height (mm)460
Subwoofer Width (mm)390
Subwoofer Weight (kg)5.8